Food in Singapore

Few Local Food you should not miss in Singapore

Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture offers variety of eatery options and multi-cuisine throughout the Island. Food lovers in the city keep the chefs’ and food vendors motivated all the time to continue with their original and better taste every time. So let’s discuss some of the top and all-time favourite food that are served at many restaurants and food courts with their own unique flavour and aroma.

Chicken Rice  chicken rice

Singapore’s National dish, Hainanese chicken rice is popular and favourite among the masses and is available at almost every dining spot. From street hawker stalls to high-end restaurant, hainanese chicken rice is found everywhere being presented by every chef giving it a Singapore twist and making it a Singapore style chicken rice which is not be found elsewhere in the world.

Chilli Crab chilli crab

The Stir fried crab is mixed with the tangy think gravy to complete the chilli crab dish which is a hit among the masses. Known for the best culinary invention of Singapore, Chilli Crab is in high demand among tourists too as one famous sea food taste that comes in the sweet yet savoury taste. The dish is in the menu of all sea food restaurants and food stalls and is served with fragrance rice.

Fish Head Curry

Fish_Head_CurryAs the name suggests, this dish comes with the head of the fish cooked with the stew of spicy curry and vegetables and usually served with fragrant rice. This dish is unique to Singapore which is prepared by every ethnic group in their own style and version with slight variations to the curry which is either spicy with sourness of tamarind in the curry or is in creamy form which is the result of coconut milk in the curry. The common among them is the fish head floating in the curry along with the vegetables and the egg plant.


Fried Carrot Cake Carrot-Cake-Recipe

The name gives a confusion of wrong understanding of this dish. This is not a desert and neither a dish with carrot . Instead, this is prepared with the mixture of rice flour wnd raddish whoch is also called carrot. This is further fried with egg and garlic to serve hot.




Laksa laksa

The tickling taste of Laksa is mouth littering in its presentation to the soupy noodle lovers. The dish is prepared in the perfect blend of spices and coconut milk and served in the thick gravy with noodles and topped with fishcake, prawn and cockles giving creamy yet a spicy taste.




Kaya Toast kaya toast

It is one of the traditional simple dish of Singapore prepared with the toasted slices of bread with the spread of the traditional kaya jam which is made from the coconut and egg. Kaya toast is a right blend of crunch and sugar rush and is the perfect snack to go very well with the local Kopi (coffee) or Teh (tea). At most of the places, this toast is served along with the half boiled eggs making it a set for the breakfast.


Hokkien Prawn Mee

prawn mee

Hokkien Prawn Mee is a stir fried noodles and as the name suggests, before the stir frying, it is soaked and boiled in the rich prawn stock for an aromatic flavour. This  Lip-smacking noodle dish comprises of yellow noodles and vermicelli and has a juicy prawn, squid, pork belly strips and eggs and is served with sambal chilli and a squeeze of lime juice on it makes it taste extra good.




Roti Prata roti prata

The Indian Roti Prata is crispy from outside and soft and delicious from inside which is a hit in the Indian menu all over Singapore. The dough prepared by different restaurants vary in texture and so does the softness and crunchiness of the dish but the taste remains the same. This is basically a flat bread tastes a bit salty and is served with curry of all types ranging from vegetarian curry to mutton and fish curry to make it a complete platter for the full tummy dinner.


Rojak rojak

Dark and Sticky salad that tastes sweet and savoury and it is extremely delicious and mouth littering unlike its presentation. The thick sauce is prepared and then the salad ingredients are added including blanched kang-kong and beansprout, crunchy raw cucumber and Chinese turnip, tangy-tasting fruits like sliced pineapple, young mangoes or unripe rose apples (jambu), fried dough fritters and toasted bean curd.


Nasi lemak nasi lemak

This dish is a perfect mixture of flavours that comes from rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves and is served with deep fried fish or chicken wings and complimenting it with sambal(red chilli) and cucumbers.